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A 2K Erg test is an important measure in rowing and it is key information for our rowers to have, especially when we talk about “split times”or pace in our workouts. Consider how fast you’d like to row your 2K and what that means each split should be.  


A 2K is basically made up of 4 different 500 meter rows and each one has unique characteristics and poses different challenges. Your goal is to be consistent with your pace throughout. For example, if you are shooting for an 8 minute 2K, that means that your average split will be 2:00/500m.  You will want to be consistent with your stroke rating throughout the body of the piece, while maintaining a consistent split or pace.  This is a much better plan than the “fly and die” approach with an erratic pace and stroke rating.  Efficiency is king and the best way to attain it is through good, solid technique and consistency with your splits.  Think about what your pace typically is when we are rowing hard in class (that big number in the middle of your screen).   If rowing a 2:10/500m  is a very hard effort for you, then you might be looking at an 8:40 2K.  (2:10 x 4 = 8:40)  If this will be your first time, your best bet will be to pick a pace and be consistent with that throughout the race.  Then, for the last 300 meters, if you have a lot left in the tank,  pour on the speed and use it up!  You’ll know better for the next time how to pace yourself.

Click here for a pace calculator and you can see for yourself what kind of pace you’ll need to finish in your goal time or how long it will take you to row, depending on your known pace.

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