Email for an invitation to join and for the Enrollment Code. Please state your link to McLean Crew Team.

During McLean Crew’s Gift Card Sale, you can order from numerous vendors. A donation is made to MCC with every gift card ordered – most donations range from 4-10% but some top 15%! Easy money for doing something you do anyway – what a great way to support our team!


You can purchase during Gift Card Sale in 3 ways:

  • Directly at one of our membership meetings.

  • Download and enroll with the RaiseRight app on your phone.

  • You can also use the online page to set up an account to manage your purchases with Great Lakes Scrip, the company that provides our gift cards. Through their web page, you can order cards when you like, even in the middle of the night while wearing your pajamas. Any new cards you order will be delivered with the next MCC order. You can also reload cards you already purchased through MCC. When reloading, the funds are ready to use soon after you process your transaction.  And MCC still gets a percentage of the value of the reload. Through this web site, you can have control of your own purchases.  


If you would like to download directions on how to setup your reloadable gift cards, or electronic gift cards,    



You’ll see that some of these vendors will donate a wonderfully high percentage of the value. L.L. Bean and Land’s End give MCC a 16% donation!!!

  • Even when a vendor offers a small percentage, it can make a big difference to MCC if you spend a lot with that vendor. After all, 4% of $200 is $8. Imagine giving MCC $8 every time you do your grocery shopping at Giant!

  • Gift cards are great not only as gifts, but for your own regular shopping needs - Giant, Target, Home Depot, Staples, etc.

  • FYI you can purchase Chipotle($10), Starbucks ($10&$25) and Giant ($50/$100) cards at most membership meetings – these we keep in stock


If you have any questions or need to make other arrangements for pick-up of cards, contact Lynne Vincenzo (