General Information for bus chaperones


Please bring: 

  • Your cell phone 

  • Warm clothing if it’s a cold day – the Boathouse is not heated. 

  • A chair and binoculars if you want to sit and watch practice. 


Your responsibilities: 

  • Ride from MHS to Thompson Boat Center (TBC):  

    • Please be at the front entrance of McLean High School no later than 3:15 PM when the buses should arrive. 

    • Call Kate Forrer at 703-625-6231 if: 

      • Buses are not in parking lot by 3:15 PM 

      • You have any other problems or questions. 

    • Once at TBC and before leaving the bus, get the bus driver’s phone number and confirm the pick-up time and location.

    • As students leave the bus, remind them to pick up all of their trash.

    • Upon arrival at TBC, please check with both the boys and girls coaches to determine if they need you to oversee any part of land training while you wait for practice to be done.

    • Spring break bus arrival and departure times are different than the standard practice times. 


  • Return to MHS:  

    • If you are not needed by the coaches at the boathouse, be back at the boathouse by 6:30 PM to help load the buses for a 6:45 PM departure. 

    • (During the first few weeks before the Daylight Savings Time Change, be back at the boathouse by 6:00 PM to help load the buses for a 6:15 PM departure.)

    • Bus should be back at MHS about 7:15 PM

    • Remind the students to gather up any trash and personal items and remove them from the bus.

    • If you find any personal items, give them to your rower to announce the next day on the bus. 


  • Ensure students follow these guidelines while on the bus: 

    • Students must clean up their own garbage.

    • Students must remain seated on the buses and may not sit backwards in the bus seats or lean over the backs of the seats. 

    • Undressing, excessive noise, foul language, inappropriate physical contact or conversation topics are all prohibited. 

    • Students must listen to the bus driver for any other safety instructions and treat the adult volunteers with respect. 


In case you are wondering:

  • You can bring your non-rower child with you on the bus, but not anyone else’s child. 

  • If school is canceled, practice is canceled. 

  • It is not the job of the chaperones to discipline the students. Refer any problems to one of the coaches. 

  • You will receive online access to Emergency Care Forms in the unlikely chance they are needed.  


Can’t make your shift? 

If you cannot make your shift, you must find a substitute from the list of badged volunteers and email Kate Forrer at or text her at 703-625-6231 with the name and phone number of the person who will be doing your shift for you. 


This is very important as there are 10 volunteers a week and if just one of them fails to show up or find a substitute, our rowers won’t be able to practice that day.