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MCC Bus Chaperone Registration

The FCPS transportation guidelines require that an FCPS employee accompany students on bus transportation. Sports

teams usually have their coaches on their bus. If a coach cannot ride a bus, then a parent who has cleared the FCPS background check process is allowed to chaperone. Given that MCC provides transportation to and from TBC for the spring water practices, and MCC's coaches are not usually available to ride the bus from MHS with the team, our parents are required to chaperone the buses. 


All MCC bus chaperone volunteers must go through the FCPS Background Check Process for Volunteers and Mentors. This process includes a background check and fingerprinting (free to volunteers) and is commonly referred to as getting "badged".  We recommend at least one parent from each family undergo this background process. 

If you are a returning family and went through the Background Check Process in 2022-23 and received clearance and a badge, then you will be automatically submitted for renewal and will receive a renewed badge.


Registration Steps for New Families:

  • Step 1:  Let MCC know you wish to apply for an FCPS Volunteer Badge by sending an email with your full legal name, preferred email, Rower Name and grade to Elizabeth Ruhl at

  • Step 2:  Be on the lookout for an email from Stefanie Evers in the MHS Activities Office.  It will be from , and will have the subject line “Position Application”.  It will ask you to do two things:

    • Click on the link to register in the system

    • Reply to the email to let Stefanie Evers you have done so

  • Step 3:  Next be on the lookout for an email from FCPS Human Resources with a link to set up an FCPS portal account.

    • This link will expire after 5 days

    • You will set up a login, password, and security questions

    • Once you have finished, the Login box will appear with your username.  Enter the password you just created and begin your “Onboard” tasks.

    • If you need assistance, please contact the Welcome Center at 571-423-3000 or at

  • Step 4:  Be on the lookout for information from FCPS on setting up an appointment to go to the Gatehouse Administration Center in Merrifield for fingerprinting.

  • Step 5:  Once printed, your badge will be sent to MHS and distributed to you at a membership meeting or sent home with your rower.


FCPS Gatehouse Administration Center

8115 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA  22042

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