MCC Bus Chaperone Registration


The FCPS transportation guidelines require that an FCPS employee accompany students on bus transportation. Sports teams usually have their coaches on their bus. If a coach cannot ride a bus, then a parent who has cleared the FCPS background check process is allowed to chaperone. Given that MCC provides transportation to and from TBC for the spring water practices, and MCC's coaches are not usually available to ride the bus from MHS with the team, our parents are required to chaperone the buses. 


All MCC bus chaperone volunteers must go through the FCPS Background Check Process for Volunteers and Mentors. This process includes a background check and fingerprinting (free to volunteers) and is commonly referred to as getting "badged".  We recommend at least one parent from each family undergo this background process. Any questions or concerns, please contact Kate Forrer at

If you are a returning family and went through the Background Check Process last year and received clearance and a badge, then you will be automatically submitted for renewal and will receive a renewed badge.


Registration Steps for New Families:


  • Step 1: Complete, print, and sign the FCPS Forms HR-3 and HR-8 found at “Step 10” of rower registration on the website.

  • Step 2: Turn in the forms ASAP by either:

    • Scanning them and emailing them to ,

    • Mailing them to McLean Crew Club, P.O. Box 7104, McLean, VA 22106, or

    • Handing them to Charley Gosse in person at the membership meeting.

Please note that HR-3 asks for your social security number. Providing the number is optional, but the background check process may be delayed if omitted.

  • Step 3: MHS Approval 

Once you have submitted HR-3 and HR-8 to MCC, we will forward paperwork to MHS administrators to sign and approve your application.

  • Step 4: Two Ways to Get Your Fingerprinting Done

    1. In January MCC will arrange for an FCPS staff member to come to McLean High School to fingerprint anyone in the club who has turned in their completed paperwork and shows up with a photo ID. Date and time TBD.

    2. If the day chosen in January is not convenient for you, within 10 business days you may go on your own to FCPS Gatehouse Administration Center for fingerprinting.  Do not go without reaching out to to confirm that your  HR-8 form was signed by MHS administration and delivered to Gatehouse.


FCPS Gatehouse Administration Center

8115 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA  22042

Chaperoning the bus is a simple and quick way to earn volunteer credits. There's no need to be this guy....our kids are great: