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For the 2020 - 2021 Season

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McLean Crew Club’s 16th annual Mulch Madness weekend is March 14-15, 2020 – this is a required event for every rower & crew family! (Blizzard back-up date March 21-22). It takes our team working together to accomplish this tremendous task for our biggest fundraiser. Without this required fundraiser generating more than 30% of the club revenue, individual rower’s dues would be significantly greater.

MCC rowers and families will be delivering around 20,000 bags of double-shredded hardwood mulch to the McLean community in less than 36 hours – those are some fast rowers! Rowers are required to deliver mulch both days of the weekend and at least one parent is required to participate in a full day of delivery weekend. Rowers will be selling mulch during January & February. Are you ready to join the Mulch Madness?

For Parents

Parents are being asked to the sign up to assist with fundraising and activities to support Mulch Madness.  Your participation makes a difference to your rower and to the McLean Crew Club. Thank you for your support!


Please contact Mulch Lead

by clicking the link below. 

Read on to learn more:


WHAT: McLean Crew’s single biggest fundraiser responsible for contributing a net profit of $50,000 ~ 70% of our fundraising budget and 30% of our Club’s total revenue.  This is a vital fundraiser to the financial health of our club and to avoid higher dues.

WHO: Everyone!

  • ATHLETE commitment:

    • Every athlete is encouraged to sell at least 225 bags of double shredded premium hardwood mulch. While the club benefits from each bag sold - so do you.  $2.00 per bag will be credited toward SPRING dues, up to $450.  Sales are credited to rowers after sales and payment are confirmed.

    • Every athlete will spend all Saturday and Sunday delivering bags of mulch to the surrounding community within the MHS district. Look for Signup Genius (SUG) for rowers to choose chase car assignment.   

    • **If your athlete has another mandatory commitment during part of the delivery day, he/she must still report the MHS parking lot to work, for as much time as possible, and let the volunteer coordinator know in advance the precise absence times and reason.  To complete our deliveries in a compressed time frame, we must have all hands on deck!

  • FAMILY volunteer commitment for Mulch Weekend:

    • Every family must volunteer 1 adult for 1 all-day mulch job during delivery weekend. Look for a SUG invitation for Mulch Madness 2020 - Family Jobs.  Reminder there is a fee for parents not volunteering 1 full delivery day during mulch weekend.

    • New this year - MCC is thinking of offering limited buy-outs from the adult Mulch weekend volunteering commitment for a fee of $750!  This option will be announced and provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    • “Extra credit volunteer shifts" that will count towards a family's MCC volunteer commitment may also be available. 

    • Look for separate SUGs for Mulch Delivery Weekend:

a) Volunteer slots,  b) Food Assignments and  c) Supplies


WHEN:  Required delivery weekend March 14-15 (blizzard make-up date March 21-22)


HOW (SALES): Sales packages will be delivered to your athlete at practice soon, including a blank Sales Form, blank Sales Slips, and a list of Sales Leads. All materials are also available on the website.

  • We are still using our excellent supplier of high-quality double shredded hardwood mulch

  • We strongly encourage use of Online Order System whenever possible. NO credit card processing fee charged to customers.

  • Online Order Form will include CHECK option – for bank checks to be mailed by the customer or to be turned in by the athlete.  

  • FREE DELIVERY is a huge benefit and should be promoted. Please note that there will be a delivery limit, to protect our volunteers and rowers.  After the limit is reached, we will accept pick up orders only.

  • DISCOUNTS are available for those customers who opt (as indicated on their order form) to pick up their mulch at the MHS lot.

  • Weekly sales and donations reports will be available showing individual athlete's progress.

  • Options for purchaser: Delivery to purchaser’s home, or receive a discount for customer picking up the mulch at MHS lot



  • EACH ROWER is expected to sell 225 bags of mulch for delivery and/or pick up.  Because we will cap deliveries at approximately 18,000 - 20,000, you'll want to get your delivery orders in early.  Once the delivery threshold is met, order will ONLY be accepted for PICKUP.

  • HARD sales deadline for DELIVERED MULCH is midnight 2/27

  • HARD sales deadline for PICKUP MULCH is midnight 3/7

  • ROWERS MUST ENTER HARD COPY SALES INTO WEBSITE THEN TURN IN CHECKS/CASH  AND FORMS ASAP to either Michelle Cheng (rower) or McLean Crew mailbox.  Check/cash sales that have not been entered into the website by a rower will be returned to the rower and will not be reflected in the sales report until the sale is entered.

DELIVERY AREA: Any address within MHS district.  For outside district addresses, we may make exceptions for previous purchasers or larger orders. Please contact chairman Tasha Arora for permission to accept an order,


HOW (DELIVERY): Starting on the afternoon of Friday, March 13 through the evening of Sunday, March 15, the Westmoreland parking lot of McLean HS turns into a Mulch Delivery Yard - full of 26ft delivery trucks, forklifts, food tents, 20,000 bags of mulch, and most importantly parent volunteers and rowers.


Most parents will drive delivery trucks or chase cars, filled with rowers, on predetermined routes. There are also numerous “yard” jobs including fork-lift operators (training/experience needed) as well as coordinators. There will be a MANDATORY meeting on March 11 at 7:30pm for all volunteers driving trucks or cars.

We’d like to thank our committee members, who are going to be working very hard between now and March 17, to make this happen! Sisi Cheng for Sales, Brett Korade for Yard Boss, Subodh Manicka and Sabet Choudhry in Routing and Manifests, Mauricio Ortiz and Patty Arny for Food Tent and Taryn Campbell who will organize Volunteers. 

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions, Mulch Chairman Tasha Arora 617-909-6163,! GO MCLEAN CREW!