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Pay now to rent your erg through February 2021

If you want to continue to keep the erg you were given in March, you’ll need to do two things:


First, take a short video of yourself using the erg so we can see it is still operating well and send it to Coach Jack or Coach Bianca.  


Second, use the Erg Rental button above to pay a $200 fee to continue to use the erg through the end of February. By paying this fee, you are extending the Rental Agreement that was signed in March 2020. The updated Rental Period is Sept 2020 to Feb 2021. The signed Rental Agreement includes language that you will be responsible for any damage to the erg.

If we are able to do in-person winter conditioning before the end of February, we may require that the ergs be returned and will offset dues accordingly. 

Summer Rowing Programs

There is no formal McLean Crew program during the summer. Many McLean Varsity Men & Women alike row for Thompson Boat Center, Old Dominion Boat Club, or at camps in Summer. The continuity of participation provides benefits of conditioning and form and is important for rower development. 

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