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MCC Expense Reimbursement Process


All purchases should be approved by a MCC Board Member prior to the outlay of funds. The Club has credit cards that we prefer to use for large purchases so please reach out to the President or the Treasurer when appropriate. If you purchase something for the club and are requesting a reimbursement, please follow the steps below:


  1. Send an email to providing the following details:

    • Full Name (check will be issued to this person)

    • Requested Reimbursement Amount

    • Budget Line Item

    • Did the vendor accept the VA or PA or OH tax exempt form and remove the sales tax from the purchase?

    • Delivery Preference – Pick up from Treasurer at next meeting, Mail to Address, or Other

    • Address for Mailing Check (if applicable)

    • Comments

  2. Attach a pdf of the receipt to the above email or provide the original receipt to the Treasurer

  3. Once email with receipt are received, reimbursement request will be processed

The following are many of the budget line item categories you can use. Please select the lowest level expense category possible.

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