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Regatta 101 

Regatta 101 Presentation


Rower Gear: How to dress and what to bring:

  • Athletes must have their Uniform: unis/tanks and tech shirts, with them or they will not be able to row. This is a VASRA/regatta rule (though sometimes lifted for extreme weather). For emergencies a limited number of extra uniforms are kept on the food trailer. 

  • Athletes should be prepared for all weather conditions. It can be freezing in the morning and blistering hot in the afternoon. It can be rainy and muddy. Headgear can be worn and is usually advised and often coordinated within a boat.

  • Athletes should bring and apply sunscreen prior to their race, rain or shine, because you may sit on the water anywhere from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours.

  • Athletes should bring reusable water bottles and all rowers should be well hydrated prior to arrival. 

  • In their duffle bags, athletes should include: running shoes for warm up runs, a change of clothes and comfortable shoes for after the races. Sunglasses are also recommended.


Regattas are all-day events and the athletes are expected to be there until the end of the regatta to take care of the equipment and support their teammates. If an athlete needs to leave before the end of the regatta, the athlete must let his or her coach know ahead of time.  Athletes may be expected to go to Thompson Boat Center (TBC) after the regatta, or on the following day,  to unload and rig the boats. Coaches will let the athletes know if this is required and when.


Food Tent

The McLean Crew food tent provides food for our athletes throughout the day at all local regattas at no charge; however, it is expected that participating families will sign-up for food/drink contributions for each one.  Please review information posted at Food Tent and Nutrition for additional details on the McLean Crew food tent at local regattas. Our food tent provides coach-approved food (e.g., no dairy before races) and serves as a gathering place for coaches, athletes (at Local regattas) and parents (at Away regattas) before/between races..

Parking / Shuttle:

BRING CASH!!  Parking fees and shuttle bus fees are different for every regatta, but only cash is accepted.

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