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February 3, 2024
at Alexandria City High School
3300 King Street, Alexandria, VA  22302

Since 1986 Erg Sprints has been a way to break up the monotony of indoor winter training with a little competition.  Erg Sprints has the usual 2,000 meter events along with traditional Erg Sprints events: marathon, half marathon, 20-minute junior and 30-minute open/masters rows, 500 meter sprints, relays, parent/child and kids rows.  McLean Crew Club usually has entries in the parent/child relay and typically has several rowers win medals in their events. 

2024 Erg Sprints Highlights:

Boys Team:

  • Junior Men 20-Minute Row (U19): McLean earned 17 of the top 29 rankings. Congrats to these Top 10 rowers: Gunnar Westland (2nd), Sherif Naguib (3rd), Luke Hoffman (4th), Axel Lundback (6th), Nick Barnard (7th), Jack Kirk (8th)

  • Junior Men 20-Minute Row (U21): Evan Perlish (4th), Aidan Gorny (6th), Joshua Morgan (7th)

  • Junior Men 20-Minute Row (U17): McLean earned 7 of the top 15 rankings. Congrats to these Top 10 rowers: Roland Saunders (5th), Minh Tran (6th), Ramez Kranfli (7th), Maximilian Lee (8th), Holden Saunders (10th)

Girls Team:

  • Junior Women 20-Minute Row (U19): McLean earned 10 of the top 37 rankings.

  • Junior Women 20-Minute Row (U21): Ava Kucko (1st ), Campbell Mechem (4th)

  • Junior Women 20-Minute Row (U17): Kensington Ruhl (2nd )

Congratulations to all of our athletes!

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