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Athlete Communications


When you register with MCC, your email will be automatically added to the distribution list for communications from the Board and Club. We will share information about deadlines for registration, indoor competitions and events, regattas, fundraisers, and more. 

Coaches also send team-wide communications via email about practices, on-your-own (OYO) workouts, and more. 


The club manages team-wide social media accounts on X (formerly known as Twitter) as well as Instagram. The board oversees these accounts and posts reminders about restaurant nights and highlights of the girls' and boys' teams' successes. 



The board will set up the Remind App post-tryouts. It is a platform for the Secretary or other administrator to share time-sensitive updates about practice changes, bus delays, or regatta information. Please note this is a communication whereby the Secretary (or admin) sends messages seen by the entire group (boys' team, girls' team, boys' parents, girls' parents, etc). If someone messages back, only the Secretary (or admin) sees that response. 

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