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There is a lot of paperwork that parents and rowers need to fill out and sign. Some of the paperwork is required by the McLean Crew Club, but most of it is required by Fairfax County. The club will use Docusign to email documents to registered parents and rowers to fill out and sign electronically. 



A Docusign account is not required although we recommend that you sign up for an account when you receive your first document to sign (click here to create a free account). If you decide to create an account in advance, you must use the same email as the primary parent account you entered during the registration process. The rower email account must also be the same as the one used during registration. After the primary parent signs a document, please ask your child to check their email since they may be required to electronically sign the document as well.



The following videos provide details about Docusign and how it works.

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