Stotesbury Regatta update as of May 15

FYI, the Stotesbury organizers announced today that they will move this weekend’s regatta from the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia to the Cooper River in Camden, New Jersey due to the excessive rain. This is the 92nd year of Stotesbury and they want to hold the event as planned as much as possible and in a way that helps keep the participants safe, and believe the change of venue will help further that goal.

The Cooper is 8 miles East of the Schuylkill and is where 4 of our boats will race during Nationals in 2 weekends. The hotel we are staying in for Stotesbury is actually closer to the Cooper River than the Schuylkill so this venue change poses little problem for our team from that perspective. We’ll need to do a little figuring out about meals, but no major issues should change. We’ll leave McLean at the same time, race the same races and be back to McLean at the same time.

We’ll keep you posted as we find out more about parking, tent location and other important updates.

Other places to get information include: Twitter: We post or retweet information on our Twitter: @mcleancrewclub

@StotesRegatta twitter feed is the main way Stotesbury organizers are communicating. And/or search for #Stotes (and #Soaksbury and #SoggyStotes are trending a bit today!)


Some of you have already seen the above message on McLean Crew's Facebook page:

Stotesbury Regatta's page is being updated less frequently

McLean Crew Club

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