MCC Critical Need - Board Member Request

Dear MCC Members:

PLEASE read through this important message.

It’s time to pull together our Board for next year and we need several more members to step up and join the management team.

A few things to consider as you ponder serving on the McLean Crew Club Board:

  • You have what it takes: Serving on the Crew Club Board is just like jumping in and helping to manage any organizatio event. You just need commitment and a willingness to help make sure that this activity your child likes is run well. We all have the needed skills and can get up to speed quickly on the unique aspects of crew.

  • Next year’s board will have several experienced members: Several current board members will be returning next year - some are serving for the 3rd year in a row - so we’ll have great institutional knowledge and continuity. In addition previous boards have documented positions and timelines to provide an easier transition

  • You can make it work: The majority of current board members do full-time paid work in addition to serving on the board. When we all share the load, no one has to carry too much.

  • Novice parents are critical: Since we had 50 novices rowing this year, we need 2-3 new board members from novice parents to ensure that this group continues to be well-represented and that these parents learn the ropes to take over the management in the coming years.

  • This is how your voice is heard: Have you thought of a better way to track volunteer points, raise money for the club or get the kids down to practice? Joining the board is the only way you’ll be able to meaningfully affect these many decisions.

  • Crew just isn’t a drop-your-kid-off sport: We’d all love to be able to turn the management of the club over to someone else but the reality is the parents are the only ones able to run this club, given the little support we get from the school. Maintaining a successful crew program takes a lot. That’s why we need every family whose athlete makes a commitment to the team to play a significant role in this organization at some point in your athlete's tenure.

  • If more people don’t get involved, Crew won’t continue to be here for our kids: The detailed working knowledge of the club is currently held by too few people in our organization and we need to distribute the workload more evenly across our full membership. There is no school support – if current parents don’t decide to take on larger roles, we simply will not have a club.

Please step up today: The nominating committee is working hard to fill Board positions, but we still have several key positions to fill before our May membership meeting. If your student is excited about rowing again next year, please consider joining the team that will manage our club next year. Contact any of these nominating committee members with your questions:

Kelly Jennings: 703-786-6098

Kristi Raymond: 703-508-3876

Julie Mandanas: 808-497-8265

You can review the board positions on the attachment and please reach out with any interest or questions.

Thank you!!

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