MCC Regatta Volunteer Opportunity - NEW

We just received an email from VASRA that they have a need for volunteers this weekend at the Darrell Winslow Regatta at the Occoquan. Our team is NOT going to this regatta, as we will have our Tri-Meet in Georgetown - though there are some afternoon roles that would allow you to do both. We are not obligated to send volunteers, but since many of you need points, we wanted to offer the chance to go to the Regatta and volunteer. You will get 2 points for any shift you take.

Please note: If you sign up, you must attend since it’s a VASRA event otherwise our club is charged a $75 no-show fee. And you must be a trained launch driver for any of the driver positions except Shuttle bus driver.

If you have any questions about the jobs or what you need to do, please contact Elisabeth Morse at . If this is your first time to Occoquan you'll want to review the Directions page on our website for maps and more information about the VASRA check-in location.

If you do sign up, you must email Melina at We are not monitoring this signup genius, and we need to keep track if any of our members sign up.

Here is the VASRA Sign-Up Genius LINK.

Here is the LINK to the VASRA job descriptions.


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