Practice at MHS Today - AFTER SCHOOL POLICY CHANGE & Yearbook Pictures TODAY

Practice at MHS Today - Due to the very high winds predicted. TODAY male athletes will report to former Coach Cathy Hott's classroom 204 (in the science hallway) after the yearbook photos, unless leaving the school grounds. See additional information below

Yearbook Pictures - ATHLETES - report IMMEDIATELY after school for Yearbook Pictures Please change into your Uni and Tech Shirt and report to Upper/Small Gym no later than 3:15pm TODAY!

IMPORTANT AFTER SCHOOL POLICY CHANGE - This mostly affects the men's team but all should be aware. MHS has a policy that no unsupervised students are allowed on the grounds after school. When water practice is cancelled and we are at MHS, if you/your student does not have the transportation to leave the school grounds and return for practice at 4:30 then he must report to a study hall, the location of which will be communicated with the water practice cancellation. TODAY athletes will report to former Coach Cathy Hott's classroom 204 (in the science hallway) after the yearbook photos, unless leaving the school grounds.

Although MHS has not strictly enforced the policy in the past (nor do they have the resources to effectively enforce it) there have been incidents across Fairfax County that have resulted in increased awareness and enforcement of these rules due to the safety concerns. Correspondence from Greg Miller, Director of Student Activities:

"I do need to stress to you how important it is that kids are not left unsupervised after school hours. Based on recent occurrences in our county, and the obvious safety issues, we need to have a zero tolerance policy on this. If we continue to catch kids hanging out in the hallways unsupervised, it could lead to crew losing the privilege of using our facilities after school. Please know that this is the same expectation that we have for the rest of our sports teams who have practice hours after the conclusion of the school day. " (emphasis added)

In addition, MCC is under additional scrutiny by MHS due to several unfortunate behavior incidents by our men's team, typically while waiting for practice to begin. As you know, we have a larger team this year, with numerous younger novices who have not been leaving the school grounds and have been caught hanging around the Student Activities office and causing other disruptions. This can not continue and could be cause for suspension from the team. At all times athletes must either be with a coach, with a teacher (for class or study hall) or immediately preparing for practice while maintaining pristine behavior in bathrooms, hallways, weight-rooms and other gathering areas.

We appreciate parents discussing arrangements with their students and following this policy, exhibiting our team's exemplary behavior and keeping McLean Crew Club above reproach. Thank you.

McLean Crew Club

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