McLean Crew Club Volunteer Requirements and Volunteer Opportunities

Hello Fellow Crew Parents,

As you have heard either in recent membership meetings, if you received emails from our hard-working volunteer coordinators, there is actually a lot of work involved to attempt to distribute the workload across our large organization and to find a way to fairly and efficiently track such information. GOOD NEWS: Based upon our calculations of volunteer credits available versus needed by all of our members, we are able to reduce required volunteer credits:

  • Option 1(normal dues) to 6 volunteer credits from 7 volunteer credits - this is most families!

  • Option 2 (high dues) to 3 volunteer credits from 4 volunteer credits.

  • If you are a 2 rower family, you now have 12 volunteer credits required.

Our hope is that each family will be able to do both a bus and regatta shift, however, those specific requirements will not be held against you. We will be checking to make sure each family has met their total volunteer requirements, not what types of credits you have received. It is your job to know your volunteer credit balance and to sign-up for opportunities. If you are not sure how many credits, please contact Melina Duggal at to understand what has been tracked for you.

Under Credit Families: There are lots of opportunities to fulfill your credits – the longer you wait the less choices you have, and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it in May! Unfulfilled volunteer credits are penalized at $300 per credit and will be assessed based current and scheduled sign-ups on April 11th. Please understand no one wants to charge a penalty for unfulfilled volunteer credits - if every family would do a fair share and we had no unfulfilled volunteer slots, this entire system would be unnecessary.

Varsity Families ONLY: We need help at the St. Andrews Regatta and May 12 Regatta. St. Andrews is this Saturday!

General Volunteers Needed:

1. We have bus chaperone shifts available here:

2. A few Spring Break opportunities are also available:

3. Regatta Shifts available for sign up at:

Other Jobs:

We still need one additional person for the Nominating Committee Work with a team to identify and present the slate of board members for next year. (2 credits)

Regatta Food Assistant: assists the Food Tent Coordinators manage weekly regatta food signup genius- creates, monitors, and contacts members as needed to ensure food is available weekly (1 credit shift)

Food Trailer Maintenance Manager -- assist VP/Operations and/or Food Tent Coordinators keep food trailer cleaned and organized between Mulch weekend and weekly regattas. Including documenting trailer procedures and creating checklists (1-2 credits depending on workload)

Feel free to email Melina at if you have questions about volunteering or your credits or want to sign up for one of the jobs.

Thank you! This organization can’t run without parents who are willing to help out!

McLean Crew Club

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