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Mar 29 (10 days ago)

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Hello Fellow Crew Parents –

We are getting to the point in the season where most of the jobs have been allocated (Yeah!). Thanks to everyone who has pitched in and helped out this year. Please find attached the number of points left to fulfill your volunteer obligation. As a reminder, Option 1 has 6 points, Option 2 has 3 points, and our 2 rower families have 12 points.

If there is no number next to your rower’s name, you have met your requirements for the year! If there is a number next to your rower’s name, that is the number of points you are short. If you believe this is incorrect, please contact Melina Duggal at memberatlarge2@mcleancrew.org

Below is a list of the remaining jobs (including bus and regatta shifts). Please let Melina know if you would like one of them. There is a signup genius each week before each regatta for food. There are 3 total points available for each regatta for making burritos on Friday night (.5 points) or bringing a salad to the regatta (.5 points). There will also be points available for Stotes and Nationals, but we don’t know how many, and don’t know who is going – so you shouldn’t count on them to meet your requirements.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. As a reminder, each point not fulfilled or committed by the end of April is fined $300 by the club.


Board Member for Next Year

Do you have suggestions for improvements how MCC should be run? Do you have an idea to implement or something you think should change? Want a jump start on points for next year? WE NEED LEADERS to step up to be considered to serve on the McLean Crew Club Board for 2018-2019. More information coming soon.

Remaining Jobs This Year (Not Including Regatta Food Points)

April 6, 2018 Group Boat Dinner. Pre-event set up and food help and post-event clean up. Times TBD - .5 credit per shift. Do both pre and post help and get 1 credit.

April 14, 2018 TBC Tri-Meet. Food Tent Worker from 6am-1130am. 1 credit

May 12, 2018 VA Scholastic Championship Regatta - VARSITY only - Food Tent Worker from 11-330. 1 credit

May 12, 2018 VA Scholastic Championship Regatta - VARSITY only - Take hot water urn - .5 credit

End of Year Picnic Assistants – 2 people, 1 credit each

Regatta Food Assistant -- assists the Food Tent Coordinators manage weekly regatta food signup genius -- creates, monitors, and contacts members as needed to ensure food is available weekly (2 points)

Clean Grill before End of Year Party - 1 credit

Uniform Closet Coordinator - solicit members, previous and current, to donate uniform pieces - 1 credit

Volunteering Committee - Assist the Member at Large 2 (Melina) and rest of the Board figure out how the volunteer point system is working, including how much time each job takes - 2-3 people, 2 credits each

Nominating Committee - Finding and recommending candidates for MCC Board vacancies – Need 1 Varsity parent – 2 credits

Historian - Maintain photos and records of important MCC events - 1 point

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