Mulch Madness a Marvelous Success

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Mar 19

to Bianca, Carol, Daniel, Jon, Marina, Nathan, Philip, bcc: me

McLean Crew Club,

It was pretty awesome to be a part of McLean Crew Club this past weekend!!! You all totally ROCK!

Message from Your Mulch Committee

Athletes: This weekend MCC delivered close to 19,000 bags of mulch, which is about 73 African Male elephants! Each athlete carried about 5 tons of mulch, or about 1 M923 military truck - on your back! (as calculated by Mr. Hilliard's team 6). Thank you for working so hard, safely and efficiently, with enthusiastic teamwork!

Parents - Thank you sincerely, for giving so much of your time and energy, to encourage sales, and your labor this weekend at our biggest annual fundraiser. Especially the brave truck drivers, clean up crew and fork-lift operators! Parents – Thank you sincerely for giving so much of your time and energy to encourage sales and your labor this weekend at our biggest annual fundraiser (esp the brave truck and chase drivers, cleanup crew and forklift operators!). We will report our net profit once we pay our bills, but we are confident that we exceeded our goal of $50,000!

Although we consider this a team success, we want to recognize some of our top performing athletes for this fundraiser, and are seeking your input based on what you observed over the weekend, whether it was in the mulch lot or on delivery. Please send your recommendation and a short supporting narrative to the mulch committee at Rewards will be based on team spirit, sales and mulch delivery effort.

We also seek your input about what you thought worked well and what didn’t. Please send your feedback to The mulch committee will review and make recommendations for next year’s mulch fundraiser to the board.

Thanks from your mulch committee:

Message from the MCC Board

Beyond the impressive and commendable feat of delivering 19,000 bags of mulch in a weekend, was the true definition of teamwork across every rower and family of our club! It was great to get to put faces with names and see the connections among our membership form, knowing we all were all working to a common goal for our kids!

  • A parent, member of the mulch committee, shared: "personally I have learned so much from each one of you. It has become a fun event to create bonding among kids, parents and with the crew club. My daughter said she was surprised at how great this activity is and can't wait for the next mulch. I felt she has not just learned the skills of rowing but become a fuller person in this club. Thank you all for being role models for our kids!"

  • Another, novice parent: "It was truly inspiring to see the planning, coordination and logistics that went into delivery 19,000 bags of mulch in only 1.5 days. The deliveries were so well executed over the weekend, you would think that everyone did this professional, and not just one weekend out of the year! Congratulations to everyone on a great weekend:

  • Another parent shared that now she "gets it", why we work so hard to create the club to support our athletes and what all of this hard work is about.

As a board we would like to that each and every family for stepping up - dedicating your athlete for the entire weekend and your fulfillment of your obligation for mulch. The days were long, the mulch was heavy, and those trucks are big, and our muscles sore - but there was a lot of fun and fellowship observed throughout the weekend while accomplishing great things. Though we repeatedly tried to help all the new families understand this significant undertaking so that the students would plan ahead with homework and other commitments, we know it was a tiring weekend for all. The coaches know the kids will be dragging a bit at practice this week, but with strong muscles and stronger commitment to team.

We each owe a HUGE thank you to every member of the amazing Mulch Committee - they each gave countless hours of planning, preparation and organization to make this a highly successful Mulch Weekend. The details and logistics are beyond what most groups can accomplish and was done in the spare moments, around paying jobs and family commitments. A heartfelt thank you to:

Tom Mooers & Craig Lynes - Committee Chair for Operations

Sisi Cheng - Committee Chair for Mulch Sales and Marketing

Hank Petri, Mike Hsu and Subodh Manicka - Routing Coordination and Dispatch

Teresa Tang - Food Tent

Sandra McGregor - Mulch Assistant

Board Members who provided oversight as well as extra mulch support.

And to the intrepid Mulch Madness Chairperson Dawn McCarthy. From the months of planning and meetings, to crisis management throughout the weekend and all the communication steps along the way to keep all the pieces moving in harmony - you have more than earned the title"Mulch Goddess". This club truly thanks you all!


Attached you will find the final Mulch Sales Report, by rower name, and the Fundraising Summary for the year. Remember though we often use the terms "Fundraising" and "Fundraising Requirement", the fundraising events provide a rower an opportunity to earn money to offset dues requirement, and any fundraising balance short of the $750 target is due from the rower for dues to be fully paid. Those with a balance due will be receiving a targeted email soon as such balance is due by this Friday March 23rd.

That being said you can see our team members reported stellar sales and donation results. All that effort is greatly appreciated and the investment in our club will be appreciated by all!

  • Congratulations to our top Mulch Madness sellers: Melissa Kazanci, Alexander Sweet, Kevin Juneau, JT Raymond and Reed Burgess who brought in profit of over $1000 to MCC. Thank you!

  • Christopher Gray comes in as the top top fundraiser for the year with $1,952 of profit and 21 other athletes raised more than $1000 through the year with the tracked fundraisers! Fantastic

The dedication and support of your team is truly remarkable. Thank you to everyone for your hard work and strong results! Without this significant fundraising opportunity, each athlete would have to pay much higher dues making this sport inaccessible for many. The sport of crew is very unique and with it comes increased and unique responsibilities. Thank each of you for being a contributing member to our team!

McLean Crew Club Board

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