TBC Docks fully open - Student Athlete information

Great new McLean Crew Club -

We received word that the TBC docks are fully functional and repaired - and TBC has lifted the restriction on novice rows. Yipee!

Water Practice

  • All rowers should expect water practice moving forward. Consider us back on the "normal" track - all rowers daily at TBC, 2 buses (and chaperones) each day- just in time for some chilly days. We know the kids all know this, but sometimes the word does not make it all the way to the parents...

  • Remember Your rower should come to practice prepared for hot or cold weather conditions, with tight-fitting, water resistant and/or "wicking" layers of clothing, a knit hat & gloves, sunglasses, reusable water bottle, etc.It can be 10 degrees colder on the water than on land. Recommend dark socks in the shells and running shoes may be required for land training.

  • Weather (temperature and wind) will always be a factor to be considered and could cancel water practice any day - we try to make that safety determination by 1pm and will send emails as well as try to post on FB, while the coaches will communicate direct with the rowers.

  • As outlined in our Safety Manual, our coaches take the utmost caution prioritizing safety, at all times, but special consideration with the early spring temperatures combined with many novice rowers.

Student Athletes

The message below was recently sent to the men's team, with a similar one going to the women's team.

Please remember you are a student-athlete, with "student" coming first. Required academic and co-curricular commitments take precedence. While boatings are based on attendance, athleticism, and sportsmanship, you will neither be kicked off the team nor kept from practice should such a conflict arise. Talk to your coach if you are struggling in a class or have a required school event. We can try to accommodate.

Remember our overarching attendance policy. Let your coach know at least 48 hours in advance - via email - if you're going to miss practice or by noon the day of when suddenly ill. If you don't feel comfortable talking to your coach, please reach out to your head coach directly.

MCC coaches and FCPS/VHSL protocol states student athlete's first step of communication to always be with his/her coach - we can not stress enough that the students should be proactively managing communication direct to coaches and any questions, concerns, problems should go to the coach first.

To reiterate, no sport or club activity should superseded an academic requirement (science fair), including co-curricular activities (band, choir etc.). Mulch Madness weekend, is a service requirement to deliver the mulch a part of a team activity. To be fair across our membership, it is stated as a MCC required activity for all rowers BUT any conflicts are reviewed by the board and students are excused for any academic or co-curricular activity. Students should not be telling other teachers that they can not attend due to a crew requirement. We ask for advanced notice and details of the other commitment, expecting a student to join the mulch delivery activity whenever practically possible around the conflict, but all valid conflicts are considered excused and replaced with other service hours to the club.


To clarify none of MCC's fundraiser are required. In an effort to simply the language used to explain our some-what complex operations, the membership agreement may have caused some confusion. MCC offers various fundraising vehicles to allow rowers to earn $750 of the required membership dues. The stated membership dues of $1200 for Option 1 (with standard volunteer requirements) is really $1950 of membership dues with $750 "earn-able" through fundraising activities, with any shortfall due to the club. We will adjust the term "fundraising requirement" in future years to better reflect the reality of the situation.

*** We always encourage you to review the Membership Agreement and related Q&A pages (found HERE - Step 3 ) so you fully understand the financial and volunteer obligations.

Any questions, please reach out through mcleancrewclub@gmail.com or president@mcleancrew.org

HELP NEEDED There are numerous vacancies on our Local Regatta SUG that we need to fill ASAP as our volunteers are due to VASRA this week. If you aren't sure what a position entails, be sure to review the "VASRA Regatta Jobs" link - there are some fun jobs at the heart of the regatta. Remember, each family is required to fill 3 slots between bus chaperones and Regatta position - please sign up today!

Finally, we hope to see you at the Membership Meeting Tuesday, March 13th at 7:00 in the MHS Lecture Hall

Hear from the coaches about water training. Learn about Spring Break (deadline 3/19) and upcoming Regattas, check your volunteer balance, get important mulch information.

Thank you

McLean Crew Club

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