Dues Reminder and Bus Chaperoning

Membership Dues: Thank you to the 57 people who have paid. Unfortunately there are still quite a few who have not paid the 2nd installment of dues, which is is now overdue. If you have not paid please do that HERE because your athlete will not be in "Good Standing" if dues are unpaid and therefore will not be allowed on the bus to TBC once water practice start, (which will be very soon). Online payment is preferred, however, if you need to write a check then let us know how you are sending that so that we know to expect it.

Water Practice Update & Bus Chaperones -

So good news - looks like the docks WILL be going in this week, though we are still not sure which day... stay tuned. We will find out sometime Wednesday, if we can hold water practice Thursday and Friday, otherwise we will not start until Saturday. We will let everyone know as soon as we know! This is part of the fun of spring crew!

Bus Chaperones will NOT be needed Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of this week and we should know about Thursday and Friday sometime tomorrow. In general, chaperones will receive a reminder 3 days before they are scheduled that will update them on the status as we know it at that time. But chaperones should check email and Facebook, like all parents, on days when the weather is questionable (windy or cold) to be sure practice is on the water still.

Any chaperone that is scheduled for a shift that is canceled (bus chaperone or regatta) will receive credit for the required shift but only 1/2 volunteer credit - they will need to sign up for any additional 1/2 credit opportunity - there are numerous 1/2 volunteer credit opportunities available through the remainder of the season. Questions? As memberatlarge2@mcleancrew.org.

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