Crew week ahead - ACTION NEEDED

Lots going on in the next few weeks! Please keep an eye on email for signups or changes to schedule.

Thank you for the great turnout at the New Parent and the General Membership meetings Tuesday. The slide show will be posted on the website soon:

1) DUES: Reminder - the second part of your dues should be paid by Friday 2/16. You can do that on our website at: Store/Membership Dues. The majority of our members selected Option 1 (standard volunteering) and owe $600. If you don't remember which amount you owe, please consult your membership agreement or ask.

2) MULCH: orders for delivery are due 2/28; each rower needs to sell 200 bags or bring in donations to meet their fundraising target. We are behind in our sales with less than 5,000 bags out of 18,000! Only 2 weeks left to sell! Please encourage your rower to follow up with sales leads, knock on neighbor's doors and send emails. Over 40% of our members have not sold a bag or brought in a donation. We need everyone doing his/her part!

A parent from each family is required to sign-up for a full day mulch slot at Mulch Madness. (Any unavoidable conflicts must contact ASAP or pay $750 non-volunteer fee). There are also additional volunteer credit shifts available to count toward your total. This is our main fundraiser and we need every family to help.

Coming soon: Chase Car signup for rowers and Food/Supplies signup for parents

Upcoming Events:

1) Erg Sprints: this weekend, 2/17 and 2/18. Coaches will tell rowers when to report. Location: TC Williams HS, 3330 King St., Alexandria VA 22302

Doors open 7:30am; early morning travel time should be around 30 minutes; allow time for check in by 1 hour before event time; if you have to weigh in, that is between 1-2 hours before your event.

Food is sold, but there are over 2000 entries for Erg Sprints so you may want to pack your own food.

Parking: TC has a 400 spot parking deck; there are 200 spots along the road around Chinquapin Park adjacent to the school grounds; or there is parking (Saturday only) farther East on King St. at First Baptist Church, and you can walk or take the shuttle to TC.

Event info is at:

2) Training on the water at TBC could start as early as next week! We are waiting for news that the docks have been installed then we can move our equipment to be ready for water practices. We will advise, as soon as we know, when water practices will start.

Once we start water practices, assume we are going to the water unless you hear otherwise. On a daily basis we will track weather conditions and will generally be able to make a decision if we need to cancel water training by noon. If we can't get on the water we will notify parents by email and will also try to update Facebook and/or Twitter - the athletes will hear from coaches directly. If we cannot go to water, the team will usually stay at school for land training.


Monday-Friday: Rowers board bus in front of school by 3:20pm, bus leaves MHS at 3:30. Bus returns to TBC around 6:30pm (will be closer to 7pm when daylight allows)

Monday-Friday: Boys Land Training (group that rotates between water and land training) at MHS 4:15-5:30 (Coaches will communicate specifics soon)

Saturday:All rowers at TBC. Boys: 8-noon; Girls: 8-11am (no bus transportation provided)

Your rower should come to practice prepared for hot or cold weather conditions, with tight-fitting, water resistant and/or "wicking" layers of clothing, a knit hat, sunglasses, reusable water bottle, etc.It can be 10 degrees colder on the water than on land. Recommend dark socks in the shells and running shoes may be required for land training. We are working and preparing locking sheds for the students to secure belongings, until those are available there is a locker room in the TBC building - students can bring a lock if he/she desires for lockers.

3) Spring Break Camp: more info to come, with registration and payment, but the general schedule is:

Sat 3/24 - Freshman/Novices have normal practice time at TBC; Varsity is at St. Andrews

Sunday - Team Dinner

Boys: M-F 3/26-3/30, 6am-1pm

Girls: M-F 3/26-3/30, 8am-3:30pm

Bus provided to and from TBC; food-truck lunch provided

Tues/Thurs evening - optional team activity

Sat 3/31 - optional practice TBC (* note this is a change from what was announced at the meeting *)

Mon 4/2 - possibility of one longer "spring break time" practice (Women) or morning and afternoon practice (Men) at TBC (* note - this is a change from what was announced at the meeting*)

Here's to a great season for everyone!

McLean Crew Club

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