Spring Season bus chaperone sign-up now open for McLean Crew Club

Hello McLean Crew Parents,

The Sign-up is now open for bus chaperone shifts for the Spring Season which runs from February 19th (weather permitting) to May 16th. Click here to sign-up.

We need at least 10 chaperones each week for the 12 ½ week season. The sign-up will remain accessible here on the crew website. The sign-up for Spring Break shifts – which occur at different times – will be available on the Spring Break sign-up which will be released in the coming weeks as well.

As a reminder, each family is responsible for signing-up for 2 shifts per rower – so 4 shifts if you have 2 rowers.

If your name is listed as CLEARED on the attached volunteers list, please sign up for 2 shifts but no more than 2 shifts per rower.

If your name is not yet cleared, please wait to sign up until you have heard from me that you are cleared.

Please email me at MemberAtLarge@McLeanCrew.org if any of the following apply to you, noting which situation(s) apply to you:

  1. My information isn’t right: My status on the attached list is incorrect (please provide correct information);

  2. I can’t chaperone: If you cannot fulfill your chaperone duties and know now that you will need to find other parents to complete your duties in exchange for doing some of their other volunteer duties;

  3. I am available to swap: If you are able to sign up to do more than 2 shifts (per rower) and would like to be added to the “Swap List” we will share with parents who cannot make any shifts.

  4. I am available to sub in an emergency: If you have a flexible schedule and are willing to be added to the “Emergency Sub” list as someone to be called on the same day we need you when another parent has to cancel their shift for an emergency (you are committing to being notified that we need a Sub – you are not committing to being the Sub)

Please note that sign-ups for other volunteer positions including Regatta Positions and Food Tent positions will be released in early March.

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