McLean Crew: Mulch Madness Kick-off! IMPORTANT

Parents of Rowers,

We know you have be eagerly awaiting the kick-off of Mulch Madness sales, and here it is!!!

This email includes a lot of information - please scroll down to all sections as you are responsible for knowing all of this information. It is easier on everyone to have an informed membership before the event. You can also use the Mulch Madness Fundraising page on the website - this includes a lot of important information and is the landing page for all rower sign-ups as well as various parent sign-ups (coming soon). All the attached forms are found on the fundraising page as well as some Call Scripts. Note this is more of an internal page - to direct someone for online purchases you can just use as there is a pop up box on the home screen that buyers can't miss.

  • Summary of Mulch Madness

  • Information presented to the rowers

  • Sample email with links to website

We suggest you bookmark this email as a reference and/or review the information on our website. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We know the athletes are up to the challenge and will come together as a TEAM to accomplish this impressive goal. Thank you for time and attention to the final and most important fundraiser!

McLean Crew Club

Read on for a Summary of the What/Who/When and How of Mulch Madness - this information is also summarized in a handy one page document attached so you can keep handy.

WHAT: McLean Crew’s single biggest fundraiser responsible for contributing net profit of $45,000 ~ almost 65% of our fundraising budget and more than 30% our Club’s total revenue. This is a vital fundraiser to the financial health of our club and to avoid higher dues.

WHO: Everyone!

Every athlete is responsible for selling at least 200 bags of mulch or a total of $450 of profit (based on $2.25 per bag and 100% of donations) Firm order deadline of February 28th for delivery.

WHEN: Required delivery weekend March 17th -18th (rain date March 24th -25th

  • EVERY athlete will spend ALL Saturday AND Sunday delivering mulch! We need everyone!! You must email ASAP for any conflicts.

  • Every family must volunteer 1 adult for at least 1 ALL-DAY MULCH job. Look for a Sign-Up Genius for Mulch Madness 2018 - Family Jobs. (coming soon) Reminder there is a $750 fee for parents not volunteering 1 full delivery day during mulch weekend. Please email ASAP with concerns

  • Mulch Madness weekend includes additional and partial volunteer credit positions – these are essential to a successful weekend and earn “Additional Volunteer Credits” towards your family’s MCC commitment.

  • In addition, you will be asked to make a Food Tent contribution – monetary and food/drink items–so we can keep our volunteers nourished and hydrated all weekend. Also, we will look for the loan of some supplies. (These Sign-up Geniuses coming soon)

HOW - Sales: Sales packages will be delivered to your athlete soon, including a Seller’s Guide, paper Sales Forms, and a personal list of Sales Leads.

  • Same excellent supplier of high-quality double-shredded hardwood mulch.

  • We encourage use of Online Order System whenever possible. NO credit card processing fee charged. Online Order Form will include CHECK option – to be mailed in or to be turned in by athlete.

  • Parents are encouraged to forward an email from the athlete soliciting sales from neighbors and local friends within the sales district. Sample email will be forwarded.

  • Reports will be available showing individual rower’s progress towards sales goal of $450 profit/200 bags

  • Order Deadline for DELIVERY ORDERS is midnight February 28th – no orders accepted after deadline.

  • For the safety and health of our athletes, the maximum amount of mulch sold for delivery is capped at 19,000 bags. So please get your orders in early and do NOT hold paper orders.

  • Late orders, or orders over the 19,000 will ONLY be accepted for PICK-UP Orders – and you will have to explain to your customer(s). Please don’t hold orders! Deadline for PICK-UP ORDERS is midnight March 10th

HOW - Delivery: Starting the afternoon of Friday March 16th through the night of Sunday March 18th, the Westmoreland parking lot of McLean HS gets turned into a Mulch Yard - full of 24-ft delivery trucks, forklifts, foot tents and 19,000 bags of mulch, and most importantly parent volunteers and rowers

Most parents will drive delivery trucks or chase cars, filled with rowers, on predetermined routes. There are also numerous “yard” jobs including fork-lift operators (training/experience needed) as well as coordinators. We are looking for some critical Trainee positions that can “learn the ropes” this year and will be the area lead next year: Routing, Dispatch and Yard Boss. At least one Parent is required to participate in Mulch weekend.

Thank you to our Mulch Committee members, who are already working hard to make Mulch Madness happen: Sisi Cheng in Sales, Tom Mooers in Operations, Hank Petri in Routing & Manifests and soon to be named Food Tent Coordinators.

Any questions? Contact Mulch Chairman Dawn McCarthy 703-7790-1691,



During Friday afternoon practice, the Mulch Coordinators presented the Mulch Madness program with sales tips and ideas, and the athletes receive a sales package including: Mulch Sellers Guide, a Mulch Order Form (attached) and a personalized list of Sales Leads of customers who purchased mulch last year.

  • For returning rowers these sales leads were based on his/her sales from last year (should have been the required 200 bags, but may have been less if rower sold less last year).

  • Novice rowers received sales from graduating rowers for approximately 160 bags - we have more novice rowers this year than graduating seniors last year.

  • These leads are just that, leads. Not guaranteed sales. Your students should contact these customers ASAP especially before the Boy Scouts get out in the field.

  • phone call - Best choice,

  • knocking on door/leaving order form (with your name filled in)

  • or email after leaving voice message

  • IF YOUR ATHLETE was not at practice on Friday, check with the coaches at next practice. If your athlete is not regularing attending practice (due to injury or winter sport) you should soon receive an email with sales leads - or email

  • NOTE: If your student has sales leads on his/her list that for some reason are not used, please send information to Sales Lead - Sisi Cheng at so someone else can contact the prior customer.

  • Athlete should print more order forms, filling in his/her name at top, and start working the neighborhood during this beautiful weekend.

  • Completed order forms, with payment, can be turned into the Crew Mail box in the Student Activities office (not front office). Order forms can also be turned in at practices

  • Henry McCarthy - boys practice

  • Michelle Cheng - girls practice

  • If an athlete has questions about an order, is struggling and could use some more leads or has questions, he/she should contact Sales Lead - Sisi Cheng at


Below you will find the text of a sample email that can be sent by rower or parents on behalf of the rower. From a professional presentation for the club and an effective effort, email should be used only:

  • For prior customers that are personally known to the athlete - and the email should be personalized

  • After a phone call has been made to the customer who has asked for the online links OR the athlete has left a message announcing the opening of Mulch Madness and that he/she will be sending an email to the address of record from the prior year.

  • "cold emails" are not recommended or effective.

SAMPLE EMAIL! (Subject: McLean Crew Club Mulch Sale)

Hi _____.

Does this warmer weather have you thinking about spring already? It's time to order your bags of 3 cubic feet of High Quality Double-Shredded Hardwood Mulch, to be delivered the weekend of March 17th- 18h. The more you order the more you save – prices as low as $4.75 a bag. And your order will support the efforts of McLean Crew Club - as we receive no funding from the McLean HS or Fairfax County.

<< If applicable: Thank you for your purchase of ___ bags of mulch from the McLean Crew Club last year. Your support was essential to the functioning of our club. It was a great rowing season. <Add personal note about rower’s experience> >>

There are two ways to order:

  • Easiest Way! Fill out the online order form and pay with check, credit card or PayPal – see LINK

  • Print attached PDF file, complete, write a check. Let me know and I will come pick it up ~ or you can mail to the address provided in the instructions (attach the order form).

You also can pick up your order at McLean and save 5% ~ and it will save us time during the busy delivery weekend.

Thank you - I, and the other McLean rowers greatly appreciate your support. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again!

<<Rower’s Name> >

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