Triathlon Pre-Event Information

Looks like we are a go for Saturday as the weather is going to be "warm." The following information you may share with your athletes and parents, and it should be reviewed carefully. Also please share with any of the adults associated with your team who signed up as several signed up as unaffiliated. All questions should come from the coaches to me. If I get emails from anyone but coaches I will ignore them. There isn't enough time in the day...

Here is everything you need to know:

  • Address: 1301 N. Stafford St. Arlington, VA Enter through the doors closest to the stadium on the Stafford St. Side, across from the small parking lot in front of the school. There is plenty of parking on the street and in the garage over I-66.

  • Doors open at 7:30 and registration starts at 7:45. You can register until 9 AM.

  • At registration, you must hand in a completed waiver. No waiver, no race. We'll have a couple of blanks on hand. Again:

  • Remember there is NO day of registration and we cannot allow entries to be transferred to other athletes. It just gets too confusing.

  • The pre-event athlete/coach/cox meeting will take place promptly at 8:30 AM.

  • The first event starts at 9 AM and goes in this order: Experienced boys, Experienced Girls, Novice Boys, Novice Girls. Adults will be mixed in with the experienced athletes.

  • NO, I cannot tell anyone when each flight of athletes will start, so please don't ask.

  • The event is "rain or shine" and they are calling for some rain. So please advise your athletes to dress appropriately and bring extra gear for after the run! The run is outdoors.

  • There will be no concessions available, so bring plenty of food and drink, besides water.

  • The event is over when its over, usually around 1 PM. We'll announce results as soon as we have them for a given category, but there is a lot of hand entry of data, so please be patient. I will look at you funny if you come up and ask.

  • The experienced athletes with the top erg scores will be seeded and will row on ergs that will be displayed on a screen using the C2 event software. Think Erg Sprints. Novices are sitting on the ergs alphabetically.

The heat sheets are viewable here: Its possible they will change as the week progresses. The exp men's group is big and I may have to shift them to other heats.

The map for the run is here:

Remember, the event is 4k immediately followed by a 5k pro-timed run. Athletes have 2 min. max to make the transition from erg to run or face disqualification. Post run the athletes must go directly to the bench rows and get in the queue. 2 min for max reps. The bar MUST touch the bottom of the actual bench (not a support structure) to be counted. Each rep takes 3 seconds off their total time. Total times will be weight adjusted based on the average of all athletes in a given gender. Lowest adjusted time wins. This is supposed to be fun and not too serious so to that end, we will not entertain protests. We'll do our best to make everything as fair as possible.

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