We did it! First day of Conditioning in the Books!

I am happy to report it was a great first day of practice!

I didn't get attendance for the guys, but all but a handful from both teams were there, with a full slate of coaches. There are a few straggling registration items, but our roster is almost entirely green. Woohoo! Kudos to Martin for the slick system that worked seamlessly - (the only issues were user-errors from not reading instructions, or reminder emails.... grrr...)

After batteries were inserted in several ergs, they all seemed to be working well providing a full lecture hall for ergging. Thanks Stewart (and Erg Work-Day helpers & coaches) for getting our erg fleet in top shape!. Lynley presented the Tree and Ice Melt sales to both teams, with some good questions and nice promotion from the coaches.

The athletes seem eager and excited to get started. FYI after all of our discussions and concerns, Nate has decided to modify his approach to the 56 men's team rowers:

  • The returning rowers are all staying together on the ergs "full-time" and will continue to work together. Nate pulled a few returning rowers aside to help them understand the expectations for the season.

  • The novices will also train as a group. They started in the a hallway working with Graham and Daniel (in-process hire - MCC alumni) - I assume they worked on some strength training? Once the remainder of the ergs were tested and ready, this group rotated basically 50/50 between ergs and other activities.

  • Before the winter break there will be some testing that will identify the top "boats" and changes to the training programs may be explored at that time.

  • Saturday practices - returning men's rowers will be 8-10am and novice men 1pm-3 (run by Graham and Daniel)

  • He is not going to start the Thursday optional practices yet - not necessary until the team is "tiered".

I attached a few pictures - wish I had gotten the boys on the ergs too.... next time. The shot down the hallway though shows just how many of them there are!

Well done team! I think we have a minute or two to breathe.... or at least to deal (catch up) on non-crew items. Thanks everyone!


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