Welcome to McLean Crew Club's Learn-to-Row Weekday Program

We’re looking forward to seeing our new rowers on Tuesday afternoon, September 26th at 4:00PM at Thompson Boat Center (TBC) for the first session of the McLean Crew Club’s Learn-to-Row weekday program. 12 students have signed up for the weekday program and another 38 began LTR on Saturday.

What do I do if we’ve had a change of plans? Please email us right away atmcleancrewclub@gmail.com if your rower will not be attending any of the weekday practices this week or next week. We need to line-up coach coverage so it’s important that we have an accurate rower count.

How does my rower get to TBC? McLean Crew Club is not able to provide transportation to LTR in the fall, so you will need to set up a carpool for your rower with other parents. Carpools should meet at the Rock at the back of McLean High School at 3:10 PM and depart by 3:30 PM at the latest to get to the boathouse before rush hour road changes go into effect in downtown DC.

We are sharing contact information for all the weekday rowers via this email to help facilitate your arrangement of carpools. We will also have a board member and a couple of current rowers at the Rock at the back of the high school on Tuesday to greet rowers and help everyone find each other to get down to the river on the first day. Finally, we will have a driver lead carpools down to the river on the first day since it can be a little tricky to find the parking lot.

TBC is at 2900 Virginia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037 – our website has directions and more information.

My child has not passed the swim test yet. What should I do? If your child has not passed the swim test, he/she must take the test tomorrow or submit a self-certification by Tuesday to participate in the LTR program. Tomorrow’s swim test is at 2:00pm at the Springhill Rec Center. More information about the swim test is here.

The Self-certification form is attached to this email. Take the certification form to any pool where there is a (willing) certified lifeguard and have that lifeguard oversee the test. After the test is complete and the lifeguard and parent signatures are obtained, email the completed form, with 2 photos documenting the test, to mcleancrewclub@gmail.com.

Rowers should wear:

· Athletic shorts or tights and an athletic top. Rowers may get wet so clothing that dries quickly is best. No baggy clothing – it can get caught in the slides (the track that the seat rolls on).

· Visor or hat.

· Sunglasses.

· Water sandals or water shoes.

· Running shoes – may not always need but should have them.

· Jacket - if it’s chilly. Layers are best.

· Sunscreen if it's sunny.

Rowers should bring:

· A full water bottle.

· Sunscreen if it's sunny

· Socks to wear in the boat.

What should the rowers do when they get to TBC? When you get to the boathouse, if you are coming from the parking lot, you’ll need to walk over a footbridge and continue down to the front of the boathouse, on your left. Or, if coming from Georgetown, proceed past Sequoia restaurant onto the path to the Boathouse. Look for our coaches, Bianca Arrington and either Carol Dinon or Cathy Hott (FCPS teachers you have have had at LMS or MHS)

We look forward to meeting you. Have a great time! If you have any further questions, please email mcleancrewclub@gmail.com or call Sheryl Pardo at 703-887-9701.

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