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MARCH 16, 2024

Occoquan River, Sandy Run Park

Races for Varsity Boats Only

10450 Van Thompson Road,

Fairfax Stations, VA  22039


Our club does not provide transportation to local regattas. Carpooling is recommended as parking is limited. The distance to Sandy Run Park is about 25 miles and a 30 min. drive without traffic. 

Arrival Times: 

Arrival times at local regattas will vary for both rowers and coxswains. Coaches typically have their boat line-ups completed Wednesday evening; the regatta schedule is typically released on Thursday. It is important that all rowers and coxswains arrive on time, or their boat will be disqualified and they will not be allowed to row.  Coaches will advise the athletes of their arrival times once the boat line-ups are finalized and the regatta schedule is released.

Coxswain & Rowers Arrival Time:  DETERMINED BY COACHES!

Approximate Regatta Event Timing:  9:00am - 12:00pm

Regatta Schedule (aka Heat Sheets): 

The regatta schedule is typically released a day or two before the regatta on You can print the heat sheets out before the event or access them on your phone on the day of the regatta to figure out which boats are racing when. Regatta results will be available immediately following races on X (Twitter) @VASRA_SRRP results.  

Food Tent: 

The McLean Crew food tent provides food for athletes throughout the day at all local regattas at no charge No parents are allowed in the team tent per VASRA rules. Please do not bring any food to share with the team. Our food tent provides coach-approved food and serves as a gathering place for athletes before/between races. Athletes are responsible for setting up, cleaning up, and breaking down the team tent. Bring layered clothes and a chair/blanket for the tent area. 


Athletes must bring their own water bottles (2). There will NOT be running potable water onsite for refills. 


Plan for additional travel time, both from the off-site parking and within the park. Sandy Run is a superb rowing location, but not user-friendly for large crowds. Please show courtesy to each other and especially the volunteer parkers. It is not their fault that the parking lot is full. Come early as the lots fill up quickly. Carpooling highly recommended. Follow @VASRAParking on X (Twitter) for parking updates and notification of when off-site parking is in effect.


Lots fills up early so athletes arriving late must allow for extra shuttle time. Rowers in Uniform can ride the off-site shuttle for free (see below). Carpooling is highly encouraged. Parking attendants will direct you to the closest available parking.  After you have parked and are inside the park, Van Thompson Road continues down a steep hill. The sign-in area for all volunteers, the boathouse, launch area and regatta headquarters is at the end of Van Thompson Road. The MCC Food Tent is usually set up in the back of Parking Lot "A" where the shell trailers are parked and the rigging/derigging occurs, on the left side as your approach the launch area. 

Off-Site Parking at South County High School for Spectators & Overflow

Once the on-site parking is full, usually early in the day, cars will be directed to the off-site parking location. All spectator parking is at South County High School: 8501 Silverbrook Rd, Lorton, VA 22079 with shuttle bus service. Allow extra time for the shuttle. At peak time it can take 45 min. to get from the parking lot to grandstands.


The VASRA Shuttle buses for the Off-site lot will have labeled signs in the side windows.

  • There will be an attendant on the shuttles collecting the shuttle fee, which is $15 CASH per person round trip.

  • Rowers in uniform ride the shuttle for free.

  • All parking shuttles drop off at Parking Lot "C".

  • Handicap parking is at lot C. 


Spectator Viewing: 

There are three routes to the Sandy Run Grandstands & Finish Line from the park areas:

  1. by shuttle bus ($3 per person) which leaves from the upper Parking Lot "C" (5 minute ride)

  2. by foot on the path from the Parking Lot "C"  (1/2 mile on a winding and hilly path)

  3. by foot on the path from the boathouse (3/4 mile on a winding and hilly path - about a 20 minute walk)


At the grandstand by the finish line there is a semi-covered, concrete viewing area, a concession stand and bathroom facilities.

  • Bring seat cushions or blankets to sit on. 

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen are advisable on sunny days. There is very little shelter.

  • Concessions include food, drinks & regatta T-shirts. CASH ONLY.

  • No dogs or alcohol. 

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