TBD - Draft Gift Card Summary Here


  1. Go HERE to Register using Enrollment Code: 89159L4711636.  The User Guide has additional information if you have any questions

  2. Once you have an account, sign in and navigate to the Dashboard (from menu across top). Choose to enable PrestoPay under Family Functions from the menu on the left. This step is to allow payment for your card orders to come directly from your account rather than McLean Crew Club’s funds.

  3. After you have provided your account info, 2 very small deposits will be made to verify the set up is working. Can take 3-4 days for those to show up in your account.

  4. Once you see the 2 deposits in your account, you will need to sign back into ShopWithScrip and enter the amounts to finish the set up.

  5. You will receive a Presto Pay approval code (4 digits) that you will need to send the account coordinator, Dawn Alexander at

  6. As you complete your account setup, you will need to choose a PIN (not the same as the above approval code). This one will not be shared with the Coordinator, but will be a verification PIN that you enter each time you place an order online.

  7. Orders that you place online are subject to a fee of $0.15 per transaction.

  8. Orders for ScripNow or to reload funds to a card are processed quickly, typically within 24 hours, with no approval needed from the Coordinator. You can register a reloadable card or track ScripNow purchases under Family Functions- Wallet. Orders for physical cards wait for the Coordinator to release them and they are shipped to the Coordinator for distribution.


Purchase a giftcard and follow the instructions above to reload the funds.

The following are the cards that can be purchased and reloaded (Percent shown is the rebate MCC receives):

  • Starbucks – 7%

  • Safeway – 4%

  • Whole Foods – 3%

  • Shoppers – 5%

  • CVS – 6%

  • AMC/Loew’s – 8%

  • Target – 2.5%

  •  Chevron/Texaco – 1-1.5%

  • BP – 1-2.5%

  • Exxon/Mobil – 1-1.5%

  • Shell – 2%

  • Sunoco – 1-1.5%

  • Domino’s – 8%

  • Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic- 14%


  • Giant Food – 4%


Too many to list: Amazon, Best Buy, REI, Walmart, etc.

Ideal for online shopping Or you can buy the ScripNow and have it sent by email as a gift

Make your tax deductible gift today

We depend on support from generous individuals like you to help fund our rowing program for McLean High School students. Your gift helps our program purchase shells and launches, pay for bus transportation and regatta fees, and keep dues as low as possible. Thank you for your generous contribution.

McLean Crew Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization
Our Federal Tax ID # is 54-1834730

 Our VA Tax Exempt form is HERE

Our VA Solicitation Exception is HERE

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McLean, VA, 22106

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