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Nov 2, 2018

Can a student do crew and other extra-curricular activities?

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Possibly, but it depends on the activity. A student doing a Fall or Winter sport can certainly do crew. They should, however, register for winter conditioning so they will know what’s happening with the team and check-in with the coaches about their plans.  During the Spring, participating in other activities that demand a lot of time, and include Saturdays, is much trickier. There are varsity crew members who have balanced Model UN, Boy Scouts, Science Fair competitions and some band activities with crew participation. That being said, being absent from practices and crew competitions will impact a student’s standing when it comes to assigning boats. It is important, therefore, to have a specific conversation with the coaches about the potential  conflicts before committing to both crew and another Spring activity.

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  • We have the capacity to manage a team that includes 50 boys and 50 girls this year, including no more than 20 novice and freshmen boys and 20 novice and freshmen girls. We won’t know for sure if we need to make cuts until we begin the spring season in mid-February and see how many returning and new rowers are committed to the team. For example, if we have only 15 freshman and novice boy members, we can accommodate 35 varsity boys and all 15 freshman/novice boys.
  • If cuts need to be made, the cuts will be made solely by the coaches with no input from the Board or any parents. The coaches have developed a form which will be shared with each student, that takes into account things such as the student’s attitude, attendance, consistency, and ergometer scores. A parent’s level of involvement in the club has no bearing on the student’s membership decision. 
  • FCPS determines when we can make cuts and sets the first week of the spring season, February 15, 2019, as the week for cuts. Crew is unusual in that we will likely not have a chance to get on the water before cuts have to be made so the coaches will need to evaluate students based on what they see indoors, at the school.   Currently, the coaches are planning to finalize the team roster by Friday, February 22nd, 2019.

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