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Nov 2, 2018

Is there food available at the regattas, or will my kids need to bring a lunch with them every Saturday?


The club sets up a "food tent" from our cargo trailer at most regattas to provide food for the rowers. Parent volunteers prepare food, bring purchased items (food and beverage), set up and take the 'tents' down and pack up the trailer at the end of the day. At Occoquan regattas, there are also two concession stands where food can be purchased.

Apr 17

For Stotesbury or SRAA Nationals, where does food/water come from for the rowers Thurs-Sat? Are food tent volunteers required?

Food and water are provided on site and at the hotel for rowers who are headed to these competitions (the most competitive boats will go to Stotes and the boats that qualify during States will go to Nationals) Coaches/MCC Board will communicate those boats ASAP. We have food tents with catering/grilling for these away regattas and chaperones often take shifts at the tent however the food tent folks will communicate any additional volunteer needs as soon as they know what boats are headed to each competition. Food is provided at the hotel but lunches are usually packed for the ride to the venue on Thursday and then the bus stops for a dinner on the ride home from the venue. The rowers travel midday on Thursday and rig and warm up on the course that afternoon. We often have dinner provided for them at the tent that evening and then they board the bus to check in to the hotel and head to bed. They race on Friday in time trials in order to qualify for more races on Friday afternoon and/or on Saturday. It’s possible that a boat won’t make it out of time trials on Friday. If so, they travel to and from the course with the team and have more free time during the day on Saturday until the bus is loaded and they are headed home. All rowers invited to Stotes will be getting emails in the next couple of weeks (usually after the Charlie Butt Regatta). Rowers headed to nationals will know if their boat qualifies after States and an email will be sent with more specifics from the board ASAP. Let us know if you have any more questions.

Apr 17

Sorry - follow up to my previous question: Are rowers racing Fri and Sat, or practicing on the course Fri and competing/racing Saturday?

New Posts
  • Regattas are organized boating competitions. McLean Crew races in local regattas from Thompson’s Boat House on the Potomac River, and Sandy Run Park on the Occoquan River. (For a list of where and when we are racing this spring, see the "schedule" page on the website.) These local regattas generally are held on Saturdays and last most of the day. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to regattas. Regatta schedules usually are available a night or two before a race, and will be posted on this website as soon as possible. Coaches will notify rowers when they need to arrive on the day before the event. Coxswains usually need to arrive early for a meeting, which typically is held the morning of the regatta. Lightweight rowers also typically arrive early for weigh-ins. All regattas are staffed by volunteers, and one adult from each rower's family must volunteer for at least one job at one local regatta each spring. Please be courteous and supportive-it may be you working at the next one!
  • It will begin the last week in March for varsity boats and the first week of April for novice boats. The novice season will end with the Lower Boats Championships (the Ted Phoenix Regatta) in early May; the end of the season for varsity boats will depend on how well they do, but could extend through June for boats that qualify for the Canadian Secondary School Rowing Association (CSSRA) championships in Canada.
  • A qualified driver pulls our trailer to away sites. This means that rowers typically need to de-rig their boats and load them on the trailer at the end of their Friday practice, and will need to help set them up (rig) again before Monday’s practice.

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