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Nov 2, 2018

Can dues be refunded?


New members leaving MCC in good standing during the first two weeks of winter conditioning or first 2 weeks of spring training, are eligible for a prorated refund of the corresponding dues payment. No fundraising profits will be refunded to a departing member.

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  • We are giving members more flexibility by allowing you to pay between zero and 69 percent of your dues (for option 1) via fundraising. Last year, dues for option 1 were essentially $1,950, of which $1,200 had to be paid and $750 fundraised through the ergathon, and tree and mulch sales. This year, you can do exactly the same as last year: Pay $1,200 and fundraise $300 during winter fundraising and $450 during mulch. Or you can bring down the amount that you have to pay in dues to as little as $600 by achieving up to $900 in winter fundraising profits and $450 in mulch sales profits. Just like last year, if you really hate selling trees and mulch and securing ergathon pledges, you can pay the $1,950 with no fundraising. All team members are still required to participate in the Ergathon, the tree pick-up day and Mulch weekend. Just like last year, however, sales are not, mandatory.
  • Dues are actually the same as last year but we are talking about dues differently and allowing for greater flexibility. Last year, dues for the standard option were $1,200 and we required everyone to do $300 in winter fundraising and $450 in mulch fundraising. If you did not do the fundraising, you simply paid the $750. In essence, that meant you could pay $1,950 and not bother selling trees, or mulch or securing ergathon pledges. We are simply making this clearer this year as well as allowing those who want to make a big effort in winter fundraising to fundraise more than just $750 of their dues.
  • The amount you can reduce you dues by for mulch sales is capped at $450 to ensure that we don’t sell more than 19,000 bags of mulch, which are as many as we can deliver. It also helps us ensure that we still have some net profit from mulch that goes to our general overhead. Mulch is our biggest fundraiser and we need to continue to use a portion of mulch profits to reduce the overall overhead of the club.

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